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Letter to the Editor
doi: 10.4103/jmsr.jmsr_35_20

Precision oncology innovation: Sarcoma as an example

Ali A Mustafa
 Medical Health Colleges and Nursing, Al Rayan Medical Colleges, Al Madinah Al Manawarah, Saudi Arabia

Corresponding Author:
Ali A Mustafa
Medical Health Colleges and Nursing, Al Rayan Medical Colleges, AlHigra Road, Al Madinah Al Manawarah
Saudi Arabia
Published: 07-Jul-2020
How to cite this article:
Mustafa AA. Precision oncology innovation: Sarcoma as an example. J Musculoskelet Surg Res 2020;4:167
Copyright: (C)2020 Journal of Musculoskeletal Surgery and Research

Dear Editor,

I read the article about Precision Oncology, which was published in The Journal of Musculoskeletal surgery and research, in February 2020, with much interest and appreciation for the authors' succinct review.[1]

This review article is written with a clear command of the new trends of genomic technologies used in Precision Medicine. This is specially tailored to the treatment of sarcomas.

Advancement in the knowledge of basic sciences, tumorigenic processes/pathways, and potential targetable receptors or biomarkers is essential. This will enable the scientific community to select appropriate targets or biomarkers to individualize treatment regimes. The improved understanding of the genomic causes of each disease is allowing scientists to identify potential novel therapies rapidly. These new therapies may have the ability to change treatment paradigms over the coming years.

Whether you call it Precision Medicine or Personalized Medicine or Precision oncology, it is indeed the future of cancer treatment. Precision oncology will undoubtedly be the standard in health care, in the near future. This field is led by Europe and the US, making Precision Medicine a reality.

The European Society for Medical Oncology made a statement typifying the new trend in cancer management by quoting the phrase “Personalized management is considered as the future of cancer care.”[2]

Therefore, genetic and biomarker screening at the time of diagnosis will need to become the norm for all cancer diagnoses to determine individualized treatment regimens.[3]

The authors of the article, therefore, shed light on a topical issue in the management of cancer using targeted therapy. I expect many reviews along these lines will be seen to help physicians in their fight against this formidable disease.

Financial support and sponsorship


Conflicts of interest

There are no conflicts of interest.

Alhejaily AM, Salem RO. Precision oncology innovation: Sarcoma as an example. J Musculoskelet Surg Res 2020;4:3-8.
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Yates LR. The “European Society for Medical Oncology” (ESM)Precision Medicine. Glossary. Annn Oncol 2018;29:30-5.
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Haque SU, Morton D, Welch H. Biologics against cancer-specific receptors – Challenges to personalised medicine from early trial results. Curr Opin Pharmacol 2012;12:392-7.
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